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Last updated: September 2023.


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Starters and sharers

Five piece sharing board £30 (£2 supplement for prawns)


Pan fried mushrooms (chilli and garlic or garlic butter) - £6.50

King prawns (chilli and garlic, creamy curry or sticky teriyaki) - £8.50

Victoria nachos (salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos) - £6.50

+ Add BBQ pulled pork - £3

Halloumi fries (includes dip*) - £6.50

Crispy chicken strips (includes dip*) - £6.95

+ Add homemade cheese and parmesan sauce - £1.50

Potato skins - £4.95


Ciabatta garlic bread - £4.95
+ Add cheese or tomato - 70p


Smoked salmon ciabatta (with guacamole and homemade lemon and dill sauce) - £7.50

Belly pork bites (slow cooked with peppers in homemade Chinese-style sauce, served with rice) - £7.50

Battered cod bites (with tartare sauce) - £7.50

Hot sweet chilli battered cauliflower bites - £5.50

* Dips include garlic mayo, BBQ, chipotle and sweet chilli




Caesar salad (lettuce, chicken, bacon, croutons, parmesan, Caesar dressing) - £10.95


Smoked salmon (lettuce, creamy lemon and dill sauce, soft poached egg) - £10.95


Mediterranean (mixed leaves, sundried tomato, olives, feta cheese, balsamic) - £10.95



Margherita (cheese and tomato) - £8.95

+ Add two toppings - £3

+ Add three toppings - £4

Choose from: Beef Bolognese, ham, mushroom, chicken, garlic, pepper, onion, pepperoni



All served with fresh tagliatelle

Arrabiata (rich, spicy tomato and garlic sauce) - £8.95

+ Add chicken - £2

Pollo Roma (creamy tomato sauce, chicken, mushrooms and garlic) - £10.95

Carbonara (bacon, mushrooms and parmesan) - £10.95

+ Add chicken - £2

Mediterranean (sundried tomatoes, olives, feta and fresh basil) - £9.95

+ Add chicken - £2

Bolognese (served traditional Italian style) - £10.95

Smoked salmon (served with fine beans, sundried tomatoes and a light garlic, paprika and cream sauce) - £11.95


All served in a brioche bun with baby gem, tomato, red onion, side salad, chips and homemade slaw

Classic Victoria (double beef patty topped with cheese) - £11.95

BBQ pork (single beef patty topped with BBQ pulled pork) - £13.95

Blue cheese (single beef patty topped with blue cheese) - £12.95

Sweet chilli and Cajun (marinated chicken breast with garlic mayo) - £12.95


Portobello mushroom (whole Portobello topped with blue cheese) - £10.95

Halloumi burger (crispy fried halloumi patties) - £10.95

Nacho burger (double beef patty with hot sauce, nachos, cheese and jalapenos) - £13.95

Katsu chicken burger (panko breaded chicken breast with homemade katsu curry sauce and salad) - £12.95)


Home cooked ham (with fried egg and hand-cut chips) - £10.95

Katsu chicken curry (panko fried chicken breast, tangy homemade katsu curry, rice and fries) - £11.95

Hot beef dip (slow roast beef bap, chips and gravy) - £10.95

Classic fish and chips (with mushy peas and tartare sauce) - £14.95

Wholetail scampi and chips (with mushy peas and tartare sauce) - £11.95

BBQ pulled pork and spring onion dirty fries - £8.95

Battered cauliflower curry (creamy curry sauce served with fine beans and rice) - £9.95

Belly pork (slow cooked with peppers in homemade Chinese-style sauce, served with rice) - £12.95

King prawns and rice (chilli and garlic, garlic butter or creamy curry sauce) - £14.95

King prawn noodles (chilli, garlic and lime) - £14.95

Victoria chicken curry (homemade curry sauce of tomato, cream, garlic, onion and mushroom with rice) - £11.95


All served with grilled mushroom and tomato, onion rings, homemade coleslaw and a choice of chips, fries, veg or salad

10oz Ribeye - £17.95

10oz fillet - £25.95

16oz T-bone (pre-order only) - POA

+ Add peppercorn, Diane, blue cheese or garlic and chilli sauce - £2.95

+ Add five king prawns - £5.95


All served with a choice of chips, fries, rice, veg or salad

Parmesan (breaded chicken topped with mixed cheese, creamy garlic and parmesan sauce) - £14.95

Kiev (breaded butterfly chicken with garlic butter) - £14.95

Peri Peri (oven baked breast with peppers, onions and a side of creamy garlic sauce) - £14.95

Loaded (oven baked breast with pepperoni, jalapenos and mozzarella) - £14.95

Chicken and king prawns (chilli and garlic, garlic butter or creamy curry sauce) - £16.95


Hot dog and fries- £5.50

Beef burger and fries - £5.95

+ Add cheese - 70p

Chicken nuggets and fries - £5.50

Cheese and tomato pasta - £5.50

Kids Bolognese - £5.95


Hand-cut chunky chips - £3.95

Sweet potato fries - £3.95

Skinny fries - £3.95

Onion rings - £3.50

House side salad - £4.50

Ciabatta garlic bread - £4.95


All of our desserts are made fresh and are subject to change and availability.

Please speak to your server for our weekly offering.

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